résumé: Socially-acceptable bragging.

posted 1999-Oct-21
— updated 2011-May-29


Duke University


Durham, NC

B.S. Computer & Electrical Engineering

B.A. Computer Science




Boulder, CO

Product Designer

Anark, Inc.


Boulder, CO

User Experience Architect

Refinery, Inc.


Bryn Athyn, PA

St. Louis, MO

Boulder, CO

Founder (1994). Various roles including Designer (’96-’98), Creative Director (’98-’00), Strategist (’00-’01), and User Experience Architect (’01-’03).

PC Expo


New York, NY

Speaker on "HTML Standards and Emerging Technologies"

Wells-Fargo Wholesale Advisory Council


Tuscon, AZ

Hosted seminar on "Setting and Achieving Web Targets"


Operating Systems

Operating Systems
OS Skill Notes
MacOS X Expert Preferred/primary OS of choice.
MacOS (v9-) Expert
Windows 2k/XP Advanced I've tweaked the Registry manually several times.
Windows Server Moderate I administer my own Win2k box outside a firewall, and haven't been cracked yet. :)

Programming Languages

Programming Languages
Language Skill Notes
JavaScript Expert Used on a daily/weekly basis, in-depth, since 1995. Help others daily online. Written tutorials and libraries to help others learn.
Java Moderate Haven't coded in Java since 1998.
Ruby Moderate Created the HTML version of Programming Ruby and have written several Ruby libraries.
VBScript Moderate ...but I loathe it.
C++ Beginner-Equiv Haven't coded in C++ since 1996.
C Beginner-Equiv Haven't coded in C since 1994.
Pascal Beginner-Equiv Haven't coded in Pascal since 1992.

Web/Markup Languages

Web/Markup Languages
Language Skill Notes
HTML/XHTML Expert Used on a daily/weekly basis, in-depth, since 1995.
CSS Expert Help online daily with advanced topics. Have written articles on the topic, such as How to Develop with CSS and How (Not) to Vertically Center Content.
DOM Expert Wrote ObjJob to help others explore it.
SVG Advanced Wrote the play editor and playback module for Ultimate Playbook using JS to create and manipulate the SVG DOM. Wrote server-side code that created db-driven XML and then used XSLT to generate SVG graphs with dynamic interaction. Not fluent in SMIL. Contributed several SVG JS Libraries to the community.
XML Moderate Comfortable with all concepts, but could not write a DTD without a reference.
SQL Moderate Can create complex nested joins using either a visual tool or in raw ASCII. Most familiar with MSSQL2k, also worked with PostgreSQL.
XSL/XSLT Moderate Used XSLT extensively in 1999–-2001; haven't used it since.
PHP Beginner It's just not a pretty language.

Visual Applications

Visual Applications
Application Skill Notes
Photoshop Expert With my eyes closed. Used extensively every version from 2.0 through CS4. Includes ability to write JavaScripts to control Photoshop's DOM.
Illustrator Expert Used extensively and frequently.
ImageReady Advanced Since I hand-code all scripting and layout, I don't use its HTML/scripting pieces.
Form•Z Advanced Know the program very well, with the exception of Meta Balls and some NURBs operations. Great at architectural modeling, not experienced at lighting scenes.
iMovie, iDVD Advanced Used both for several projects.
PageMaker Moderate I used PageMaker versions 4–6 extensively. Haven't used since 1998.
Final Cut Pro
DVD Studio Pro
Beginner Dabbled in all, but not used extensively.

Portfolio Sampler


DealCentral Screenshot

Permission Admin

Permission Admin Screenshot Permission Admin Screenshot

Ultimate Playbook

Ultimate Playbook Screenshot


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i've always said 'don't go thinking it's zebras when you find a hoofprint', but then i'm just a bumpkin.
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