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posted 1999-Oct-21
— updated 2011-May-29
name: gavin kistner
email: ! @t phrogz d0t net
phone (home): 303.444.1874
phone (cell): 303.408.0101
address: 900 magnolia drive
nederland, co   80466

Phone calls should be used as a last resort; if you don't know me personally, please email me first.

Julie R. Mosesly
09:05AM ET
I have just been diagnosed with Hep C. I am wondering if you know anything about the quantitative tests. My results were extremely high. And so far I am unable to find out anything. I have an appointment with a specialist on the 19th (Gastroenterology). My regular Dr. doesn't know much about Hep C, but told me not to worry. Your input would be appreciated. Thank you.
07:39AM ET
i would like to as u few questions plz as my mom has hepatitis C;u said that u catched ur virus in 1973..did u have after that cirrhosis since u waited a long time before getting treated for the virus?
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