Advice: Tips & tricks on dealing with the treatment.

posted 2000-Sep-5
Coming soon. Please feel free to add your own advice in the comments form below.
07:39PM ET
For those of us that are on the small side, I have found it useful to give my interferon shot sitting down. It helps me to find a good fatty spot so it barely hurts, it at all!
Gavin Kistner
01:22PM ET
Yes! And, if you find a small stool or pillows or coffee table to put your foot up on, you get looser skin/fat on the upper thigh, allowing you to bunch it up more easily. :)
08:41AM ET
I have been on Peg-Intron for 10 weeks now. My first shot was in my thigh. Got kinda rough, I then started getting them in my stomach. Just a little more fat there. Legs are skinny, tummy, fatty! It sure made a difference for me! Injection side effects are different every time for me, how about anyone else?
06:21AM ET
I give myself the shot in the thigh also..and yes it reacts differently each time, but I found, at least in my case the really bad side effects are from the Ribivirin, not the interferon...that's a rough part of the treament..I often have fevers and the new fever patches help alot..give them a try!
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