Entry 07: Shot #2 given...

posted 2000-Apr-19

2000-Apr-19 : (summary) Last night was even better than before, but today is so far marginally worse than Monday.

Last night was pretty fabulous! No real problems, except that in having to get up to pee a couple times during the night I noticed how much I sweat, and getting back into a damp bed is no fun. I attribute the successfully chill-less night to Advil. For the first shot, on Sunday night, I took 1 Advil at 7pm. Yesterday (following a 1 hour walk which left me feeling rather sore in the back and feet) I took 2 Advils at 5:30pm, and right before bed took 2 more (at 11:30pm). Plus, I drank more water right before bed than I had on Sunday night.

The major side effect I've felt so far has been a general aching in my back. I woke up pretty sore, took a warm bath, and attempted to stretch. I discovered that if I sit upright, with my legs out (not even fully straightened) I can't hang my head--the muscles in my back get way too tight. I'm generally rather inflexible, but this goes beyond my normal state.

In case it is my routine and schedule which has magically given me such a good time of things, I will supply it for the benefit of other would-be patients:

Dain Kistner
01:22PM ET
A few thoughts:
I myself have experienced night sweats a LOT - and they got much better when I finally got in the habit of sleeping in boxer shorts and T-shirt, as opposed to in the buff. Seemed like having the clothes to wick mositure away from my skin actually reduced the volume.
I have also noticed that sleeping for extended periods of time - even in the best of health - tends to give me something of a sore back. of course that might also be my bed, which marginally sucks...but you might try breaking up the sleeping - reduce the nighttime hours by a few and work a seista into your day.
BTW, Anika says she is trying to get info on Shiatsu treatment for someone undergoing this type of treatment - she is sure that it can't hurt, and might very well help...and besides she needs someone to practice on (Sadly that rarely appears to be me - JK!)

Hope some of that helps...
Thayer York
04:02PM ET
I can understand the getting a little tired of cranberry juice. Is there some reason that's always the kind you drink? P'raps others are in order - cranberry mixes (I'm a cran-raspberry addict myself) or others?
08:25PM ET
Dain says I'm certain that Shiatsu can't hurt...but I have to check, 'cause I'm not CERTAIN. But if it can help, then I'm interested in trying it if you're interested.
[Dain decides he will try remembering NOT to speak for Anika.../slap self silly]
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