Seven-Letter Alternating-Handed Words: Words that are easily typed by alternating between the left and right hands on a QWERTY keyboard.

posted 2012-Nov-5

albitic albizia alembic alforja alright ambient amentia analgia ancient anthems antiair antibug anticks antifog antifur antique apricot aprotic auburns audible audient auditor augitic augment auricle aurochs ausubos autisms autobus bhaktis bicorne bicorns bicycle bitmaps bothria buckeye burials burlaps burleys bushels bushtit butyric byworks chalahs chalcid chalehs chantor chaotic chapels chrisma chrisms ciboria civisms clamant clangor claucht claught clement coalbox cochair cockeye cogitos cormels corncob cornels cornrow cosigns cowhand coxitis cubicle cubisms cubitus cuticle diapsid dickens dickeys dirhams dirndls dismals dismays disowns dispels dispend divisor dognaps dormant downbow durians dysuria dysuric eighths element emanant emblems embosks enamels enchant enduros enflame ensigns entitle entozoa enviros epeiric euglena figment firmans fisheye fishgig fitment flamens flaneur formals formant fornent fuchsia fusible godowns gorhens gormand gospels guanays gurneys halakah halalah hangman hangmen haughty haycock hayfork hayrick heighth isoform laicism landman landmen langley lensman lensmen lentigo lentisk leprosy maidish maybush memento mendigo menshen naughty oviform paisley panfish papayan paucity paughty penalty privity probity problem prodigy prosody proviso prudish prurigo prutoth quahaug quaichs quaighs quangos quantic rialtos richens rickeys ricksha ridleys risible rituals robotic rococos rubidic rubigos shairns shamans shamble shantis shaughs shekels sheltie sheuchs sheughs shrieks shticks siamang sickens siemens signals sithens skaldic skepsis skeptic sleighs sleight sleuths smaltos soapbox socials sockeye soritic soroche sorosis spambot spangle spright suborns subpena surname suspend sycosis thairms theisms titians torment turkeys uxorial vicugna virosis visible visitor visuals vivific wickape witneys workbox zygosis zygotic

Generated by taking this seven-letter word list and running the following Ruby script:

words =\S+/)
left  = "[qwertasdfgzxcvb]"
right = "[^qwertasdfgzxcvb]"
alternating = "^(?:#{left}#{right}){3}#{left}$|^(?:#{right}#{left}){3}#{right}$"
puts words.grep(alternating)

…and then hand-highlighting some of the more common words.

02:11PM ET


07:29AM ET

Isn’t B under the right hand? For untrained 2-fingered typing that is.

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