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posted 2000-Apr-6
— updated 2000-Aug-25
Hypothyroidism in Hepatitis C

A blood test on 2000-Aug-12 showed my thyroid seemed to be underactive. Searching for links between Thyroid disease and Hepatitis C and its treatment, this is the only page I found discussing the link between them.

For more background information on the Thyroid, I found a great primer site on -- Thyroid Disease 101 (part of an overall larger site about the thyroid at

Deborah Buss
03:22AM ET
Gav, I'm in awe. You have a fantastic attitude towards
this. I know it's something that you just have to do,
but there's always a choice of how you handle it. Best
wishes for your ultimate success in kicking ass.
08:27AM ET
I would like to share that I took the peg-intron with ribiviron treatment.I HAD genotype 2.After 3 months it was gone.I finished 6 months of treatment and I have been off of it for 2 months.Praise God!I'm still virus free.Life is great!I got very sick during treatment,NULL,But It was well worth it.I'm so glad to share my sucess with you all.
God bless you all!!!!!!!Love,Kim
07:57PM ET
My Thyroid is also under active on medication now to treat this problem.... Oh by the way I am 1h my viral count has been as high as 9 million and as low as 240,thousand. And negative during last treatment with Peg and Cop Failed 45 weeks into treak viral shot from 0 to 750,000
02:03PM ET
Yes, I had this problem after my first use of Interferon and now am taking tablets every morning to correct it. For the rest of my life.
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