Like I always say -- nothing can beat the BRATWURST here in DUSSELDORF!!Why do you say that?Did we bring enough BEEF JERKY?What makes you believe did you bring enough beef jerky?Yow! And then we could sit on the hoods of cars at stop lights!Maybe your plans have something to do with this.I feel like a wet parking meter on Darvon!Are you sure that you might want to have this wet?Where's my SOCIAL WORKER?Is it because of your life that you say where's your social worker?Yow! Am I in Milwaukee?Earlier you said you would like to have this wet?The appreciation of the average visual graphisticator alone is worth the whole suaveness and decadence which abounds!!Is it because of the people you hang around with that you are goingthrough all this?...A housewife is wearing a polypyrene jumpsuit!!Do you really think...a housewife is wearing a polypyrene jumpsuit?I once decorated my apartment entirely in ten foot salad forks!!You mentioned that you would like to have this wet?Uh-oh!! I forgot to submit to COMPULSORY URINALYSIS!How do you reconcile problems at school?YOW!! What should the entire human race DO?? Consume a fifth of CHIVAS REGAL, ski NUDE down MT. EVEREST, and have a wild SEX WEEKEND!Are you afraid of sex?I am having FUN... I wonder if it's NET FUN or GROSS FUN?I don't understand.It was a JOKE!! Get it?? I was receiving messages from DAVID LETTERMAN!! YOW!!Yow! Are we interactive yet?Here is my refrigerator full of FLANK STEAK...and over there is my UPHOLSTERED CANOE...I don't know WHY I OWN them!!Is it because you own them that you came to me?I want to so HAPPY, the VEINS in my neck STAND OUT!!How does it feel to want?World War Three can be averted by adherence to a strictly enforced dress code!What makes you think you would like to have this wet?.. Do you like ``TENDER VITTLES?''?Perhaps this has something to do with any hobbies you have?Can I have an IMPULSE ITEM instead?Is it because of your sex life that you say can you have an impulseitem instead?Somewhere in DOWNTOWN BURBANK a prostitute is OVERCOOKING a LAMB CHOP!!Tell me about something about your sexual history.I'm an East Side TYPE..Earlier you said you own them?Now that we're in LOVE, you can BUY this GOLDFISH for a 48% DISCOUNT.Does it bother you that we're in love I can buy this goldfish for a48% discount?This is my WILLIAM BENDIX memorial CORNER where I worship William Bendix like a GOD!!Why should bendix get to have this god?I'm EXCITED!! I want a FLANK STEAK WEEK-END!! I think I'm JULIA CHILD!!Possibly hangups you have are related to this... My pants just went on a wild rampage through a Long Island Bowling Alley!!Is it because of your inhibitions that you are going through all this?"THE LITTLE PINK FLESH SISTERS," I saw them at th' FLUROESCENT BULB MAKERS CONVENTION...Tell me more about your family.Leona, I want to CONFESS things to you.. I want to WRAP you in a SCARLET ROBE trimmed with POLYVINYL CHLORIDE.. I want to EMPTY your ASHTRAYS...When did you first desire to empty?With YOU, I can be MYSELF.. We don't NEED Dan Rather..You mentioned that you would like to so?I'll clean your ROOM!! I know some GOOD stories, too!! All about ROAD Island's, HUSH Puppies, and how LUKE finds GOLD on his LAND!!When did you first know that luke finds gold on his land?.. here I am in 53 B.C. and all I want is a dill pickle!!How do you reconcile some problems in your childhood?Hold the MAYO & pass the COSMIC AWARENESS...Why do you say hold the mayo pass the cosmic awareness?If this is the DATING GAME I want to know your FAVORITE PLANET! Do I get th' MICROWAVE MOPED?What makes you believe you would like to have this wet?I appoint you ambassador to Fantasy Island!!!Maybe this is related to some problems at home?You mean you don't want to watch WRESTLING from ATLANTA?Have you been obsessed with not want to watch wrestling?I'm wearing PAMPERS!!Is it because of your plans that you say you are wearing pampers?While you're chewing, think of STEVEN SPIELBERG'S bank account.. This will have the same effect as two ``STARCH BLOCKERS''!Earlier you said you own them?I want you to organize my PASTRY trays... my TEA-TINS are gleaming in formation like a ROW of DRUM MAJORETTES -- please don't be FURIOUS with me --Why should I give to have this row to formation?Did YOU find a DIGITAL WATCH in YOUR box of VELVEETA?Perhaps your life could have caused this.I want to kill everyone here with a cute colorful Hydrogen Bomb!!Have you ever gotten to kill everyone?Was my SOY LOAF left out in th'RAIN? It tastes REAL GOOD!!Are you sure that it tastes real good?I'm totally DESPONDENT over the LIBYAN situation and the price of CHICKEN..You mentioned that we're in love I can buy this goldfish for a 48%discount?

Like I always say