Phear the Phrogz - URPD Disc

All discs are produced by Discraft on a white body. The prices for the discs are:

Quantity Normal Pre-order*
1 $8.00 $2.00+$5.00
2 $15.00 $4.00+$9.00
3 $20.00 $6.00+$12.00
5+ each $6.00 each $2.00+$3.50

Below is what the design looks like, with an approximation of the three colors combinations available. (Clicking on a design will show a larger version of it in a new window).

Black & Metallic Red
Black & Metallic Red
Blue & Metallic Silver
Blue & Metallic Silver
Green & Metallic Copper
Green & Metallic Copper

Confused by the pricing above? Enter the quantity you would like in the handy form below (and decide whether you can get your pre-payment to Baird before the July 8th deadline).

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Black & Red:
Blue & Silver:
Green & Copper:
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Total Cost: 0; (0 before July 8th, 0 upon receipt)

To place an order, contact either Baird or his secretary, Gavin. Supplies are limited (especially of the green/copper and blue/silver discs) so lay down some phat cash NOW! Hurry!