Path: EventTarget.rb
Last Update: Sat Oct 02 22:46:10 MDT 2004
Author:Gavin Kistner (!@phrogz.net)
Copyright:Copyright ©2004 Gavin Kistner
License:See Phrogz.net/JS/_ReuseLicense.txt for details
Version:0.9, 2004-Oct-2
Full Code:../EventTarget.rb

This file covers the EventTarget module and the EventTarget::Event class; see their pages for more information.

Version History

 20040928  v0.8    Initial release
 20040928  v0.8.5  Uses blocks and symbols rather than callback params and strings
 20041002  v0.9    No longer needs binding_of_caller (what was I thinking?)

Classes and Modules

Module EventTarget
  ::Class EventTarget::Event