Scroll Table v1.5


  1. Put class="scrolltable" on the table(s) of your choice.
  2. Include scrolltable.js in your HTML, along with two utility functions (AttachEvent and the AddClass/KillClass suite).
  3. Use a CSS rule to set a specific height for items of class scrollwrap (e.g. .scrollwrap { height:10em }).
  4. Voila! The <tbody> section(s) of your table automagically scroll, while the <thead> and <tfoot> sections stay put.

Tested to work in IEWin (v6), Mozilla (v1.6), Safari (v1.2), Firefox (v0.8).

Tested and known to not work perfectly in Mozilla (v1.4-), IEMac (v5.2.3), and Opera7.

In Action!

Full Name Age Sex Some Date Notes
Average 29
Fred Foobar23Male1/4/1973Cool person, really, I like Fred's hair a lot.
Melissa JimmyJanga7Female12/9/1978Big on the cheez whiz.
James Jalopy12Male3/2/1985Loved and lost, got lost.
Jerome Forkbit18Male8/8/1967Hits vegas with a vengeance.
Mary Antoine33Female2/5/1985Bought 44 .44 automatics and lost them all in the couch.
Susan Silly24Female4/1/1947Bea Arthur thought Susan was the coolest until the pickle incident.
Jerry Garbanzo45Male5/2/1976Signs on the highway pointed Jerry to all the correct exits.
Jim Joo23Male9/3/1684Long since the cricket master.
Samuel Strapper14Male3/8/1963Jack and Samuel made some beer, but it tasted bad.
Melissa Melancholy24Female4/5/2020Taste the ether and you'll go under. Melissa found this out the hard way.
Margaret Massive53Female1/1/1873Point your wings to the west and fly, fly, fly.
Moonbeam Morbid43Female3/1/1897Jenny had a vision. Moonbeam was not it.
Sam Satire17Male6/9/1973See note for Samuel. Sam was the taster to discover the truth.
Aaron Alacrity45Male10/2/1378The Jazz era completely passed Aaron by.
Zachary Zax34Male11/4/1974This boy can jump. Sky. You know?
Zed Zimbabwe22Male12/24/1975Of course he's dead. His cricket date went by and he missed it.
Jill Jipper68Female2/22/2000Lost in love and I don't know much. But Jill does.
Francess Frank34Female3/19/1991Shortly all will be organized, if Francess has her way.
Jennifer Jedimaster12Female4/13/1967Let's be an honest pair of people about this...who knows what Jennifer was thinking that dark red day?
Daniel Daredevil51Male8/18/1994Haunting by the closeness of his name to "Danielle", Daniel struggled with his sexuality throughout his life.
Torbjorn Toffee6Male4/6/1997Thor's hammer had nothing on the wrath of a Torbjorn enraged.
Thaddeus Thawte2Male5/31/1998Quit clowning around and get your work done, boy.
Joram Joker16Male3/5/1999Van side-swipped a crowd of Bavarian monkeys and yet failed to injure a single one.
Halfdan Haltingly3Male9/17/2004Belly up to the table and lay down your chips, the time for accounting has come.

Known Bugs/ToDo/Notes To Self